420 Care Package | Puff Stuff Delivery Special

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Puff Stuff Delivery - Special Smoke Package

It's time to elevate your smoke session game! Introducing our exclusive smoke package, designed just for you! Get ready to savor the perfect blend of relaxation and good vibes. Sit back, relax, and let the magic unfold with every puff.

The whole package includes:

  • V Syndicate Shatter Resistant Premium Glass Tray
  • Rolling Paper 1 1/4 (PSD's Choice of Brand)
  • RAW Tip Filter
  • RAW Rolling Machine 79MM
  • Grinder 40MM | 3 Parts
  • BIC Lighter
  • Gold Spectrum Indoor Flower 1 Gram
  • Mylar Smell-Proof Bag 3.5g

We also have the option to customize your own package!

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