Blazy Susan Pink Shorty Cones | 53mm | 50 Count Jar

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UPC: 051497221782
Brand: Blazy Susan
Blazy Susan Pink Shorty Cones | 53mm | 50 Count Jar

The "Shorty Cones" from Blazy Susan offer a convenient and compact option for your smoking needs. Here are the key details about these mini cones:


  • Size: These mini cones measure 53mm in length, which is around half the size of regular cones. This compact size makes them suitable for various scenarios.

Usage Scenarios:

  • Quick Hits: These Shorty Cones are ideal when you only need a few hits to relax or clear your mind.
  • Strain Variety: They are also great for trying out different strains individually, allowing you to experience a variety of flavors and effects.
  • Party Favor: If you're hosting a gathering, these mini cones are perfect for giving everyone their own personal joint, enhancing the social experience.
  • On-the-Go: Take a Shorty Cone with you on your next hike or a walk around the park to enjoy a quick and convenient smoke break.

Blazy Susan's Shorty Cones are a versatile option for a variety of smoking scenarios. Whether you prefer quick hits or want to share with friends, these mini cones offer a convenient and enjoyable smoking experience. Please use these products responsibly and adhere to local regulations regarding smoking accessories.

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