Blazy Susan Pink Slim Rolling Papers | 1 1/4

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Brand: Blazy Susan
Blazy Susan Pink Slim Rolling Papers | 1 1/4

The "Pink Rolling Papers" you've described are a vegan and non-GMO option for rolling and enjoying your preferred smoking herbs. Here are the key details about these rolling papers:


  • Origin: These rolling papers are proudly made in France, known for its expertise in paper production.
  • Materials: They are crafted using premium materials that are carefully selected to ensure a high-quality slow burn with no aftertaste, enhancing the smoking experience.
  • Leaf Count: Each booklet contains 50 leaves, which is significantly more than the industry average of 32 papers per booklet. This provides users with more value and fewer interruptions to their smoking sessions.
  • Dye: The rolling papers are dyed using natural materials, giving them a pink color.

These Pink Rolling Papers are a thoughtful choice for those who prefer a vegan and non-GMO option for rolling their smoking herbs. With a slow burn and more leaves per booklet, they offer an enjoyable and efficient rolling experience. Please use these products responsibly and adhere to local regulations regarding smoking accessories.

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