Bob Marley Rolling Papers | Unbleached Organic Hemp | King Size

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Bob Marley Rolling Papers | Unbleached Organic Hemp | King Size

The 1.25 King-Sized Rolling Papers you've described are a popular choice among rolling paper options. Here are the key details about these papers:


  • Size: These rolling papers are 1.25 King-sized, which is a common size for those who enjoy rolling their smoking herbs.
  • Material: They are made of pure unbleached organic hemp. Importantly, these papers do not contain any added tree material, making them an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Designs and Quotes: These rolling papers come with over 10 different designs and feature Bob Marley quotes on each unit. This adds a unique and artistic touch to your rolling experience. A variety of designs will be sent upon ordering.
  • Sheets per Pack: Each pack contains 33 papers, ensuring you have an adequate supply for rolling your preferred smoking herbs.

These 1.25 King-Sized Rolling Papers made of pure unbleached organic hemp offer an eco-friendly and artistic choice for your rolling needs. The inclusion of Bob Marley quotes and various designs adds a personalized and creative touch to your smoking experience. Please use these products responsibly and adhere to local regulations regarding smoking accessories.

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