Canna Wraps 100% Organic Hemp Wraps

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Brand: Canna Wraps

Canna Wraps 100% Organic Hemp Wraps

CannaWraps are a natural hemp rolling wraps that you use to make your best rolls. Just like you see already rolled cigar, you can roll your own now. Canna Wraps always has the freshness you want. No worries about opening the package and finding an old dry wrap.

Because these are made from 100% natural hemp and vegan approved. There are no worries of harsh toxins or tobacco. They are infused with natural hemp terpenes.


Each CannaWrap comes with it's own unique flavor. It has a earthy, grainy smell because of its natural smoke. Besides that, there isn't much of a smell.

  • Mixed Berries
  • Grape

The burn on these Canna Wraps are one of the best. Burn means how quickly it burns as you smoke it. There are other factors that go into like how big you roll it. However, the rolling wrap makes a big different. It burns very smooth and even.

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