Frozen Fields Formula-X Live Resin Disposable | Liquid Diamonds THC-A +THC-P+HHC+FX-Delta 8 | 3.5g

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Brand: Frozen Fields

Discover the 'Frozen Fields Feels' with our Formula X THCA Infused Vapes. Infused with a potent blend of highly bioavailable Delta 8 Formula X, THCA, THCP, and HHC, our vapes offer a balanced and powerful experience perfect for both recreational and medicinal users. The combination of these components provides a comprehensive, long-lasting, and mellow stoned sensation, making it ideal for relaxation or relief from pain, anxiety, or stress. Moreover, the sleek, portable design allows you to enjoy this experience anytime, anywhere. Elevate your senses with our Formula X THCA Infused Vapes and let the 'Frozen Fields Feels' envelop you.

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