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Brand: Juice Head

Juice Head SALT

Constructing a solid brand for years in Garden Grove, California, Juice Head has become one of the strongest vape juice brands in the industry. They’ve developed several collections that are accompanied by a number of expertly crafted flavor profiles, many of which have received awards of excellence. After building an incredible reputation and a solid track record for producing some of the world’s finest flavors, Juice Head has positioned itself in an industry-leading role for others to follow.

Expanding its brand even beyond its already-achieved success, Juice Head has created one of its finest collections yet, utilizing salt nicotine with high concentration strengths to ensure satisfaction at every turn. The Juice Head Salt collection consists of the same great original flavors that have gained the brand so much popularity over the years, such as Blueberry Lemon, Pineapple Grapefruit, and many more.

Juice Head Salts come packaged in a 30mL bottle that features a child-resistant cap and allows for easy pouring to quickly refill your tank or pod. It’s filled to the rim with loads of flavor and infused with the finest salt nicotine, which is available in 25mg and 50mg salt nicotine strengths. Juice Head Salts have a 70/30 ratio of VG/PG, which is balanced perfectly to deliver incredible flavor and dense vapor production, even with salt nicotine combined with a pod system.

Juice Head Salts Nicotine Juice Review

Peach Pear

Peach Pear by Juice Head Salts is a remarkably crafted vape juice flavor that you will surely come to appreciate with every puff. It combines a sweet Georgia peach with a delicious assortment of sliced crisp pears. The delicious vape tastes as if you’re eating scoops from a fruit bowl.

Peach Pear FREEZE

Peach Pear FREEZE by Juice Head Salts will have your taste buds on cloud nine from your first puff until your last. This fusion of sweet peaches, delicious pears, and a menthol base is unlike anything else you've ever tasted! Indulge on this delightful fruit vape juice today!

Strawberry Kiwi

Strawberry Kiwi by Juice Head Salts is a collection of delicious flavors that result in a savory puff of vapor each time you inhale. It combines a duo of flavors that seem to balance well with one another, including luscious strawberries and tart kiwi. The two come together as an all-day-vape we’re sure you will enjoy.

Strawberry Kiwi FREEZE

Strawberry Kiwi FREEZE is a vape juice that combines the delicious taste of strawberries, delightful kiwis, and a refreshing menthol base to keep your taste buds begging for more. This vape juice is sure to have your taste buds jumping for joy with each and every puff you take.

Pineapple Grapefruit

Pineapple Grapefruit by Juice Head Salts delivers loads of flavor intensity as it blends two outstanding flavors into one to create a summer vape on-the-go. With the tart taste of pineapple and the sweetness of grapefruit, it’s the bittersweet taste of the tropics that you’ve been eager to try.

Pineapple Grapefruit FREEZE

Pineapple Grapefruit FREEZE by Juice Head Salt will provide you with an intense flavor that is unlike anything else you've ever tasted. This flavor duo is an out of this world pairing and you won't want to put it down. The fusion of pineapples, grapefruit, and menthol will keep you puffing along all day long.

Watermelon Lime

Watermelon Lime by Juice Head Salts is an incredible vape juice that you will not want to stop vaping. It proves that there truly isn’t a fine line between sweet and vapor, as these two flavors pair perfectly with one another. Imagine loads of delicious watermelon flavor and the citrusy sourness of the lime and you’ve got a Watermelon Lime all-day-vape.

Watermelon Lime FREEZE

Watermelon Lime FREEZE by Juice Head Salt is a summer vacation packed into a bottle that you can enjoy all year around. This vape juice is sure to keep you coming back for more with each and every inhale you take. The fusion of sweet watermelons, sour limes, and a soothing menthol base will quickly become your go to flavor!

Blueberry Lemon

Blueberry Lemon by Juice Head Salts embodies the true taste of authentic blueberry lemonade. As expected, it utilizes plump blueberries and fresh lemon to create a beverage vape you’ll want to experience over and over. If you’re looking for a flavor to keep you on your toes with excitement, look no further than Blueberry Lemon.

Blueberry Lemon FREEZE

Blueberry Lemon FREEZE by Juice Head Salt combines the sweetness of blueberries with the tartness of lemons to create a vape juice that will keep you on your toes. This flavor will burst across your taste buds from your first puff until your last. Indulge in this mouth watering flavor today!

Guava Peach

Guava Peach by Juice Head Salts offers up a thrilling flavorful vape in every draw. It is a delicious concoction that combines luscious guava, peaches that are sweet and juicy, and adds quality sourced salt nicotine to create a satisfying experience from start to finish. If you crave fruity beverage vapes and need salt juice for your pod system, Guava Peach is your next all-day-vape.

Guava Peach FREEZE

Guava Peach FREEZE is a vape juice flavor that takes the taste of guavas and combines that with a peach and menthol base that is sure to drive your taste buds wild. This flavor combination is sure to leave your jaw on the floor with the authentic flavors created with every inhale and exhale.

With a hefty selection of outstanding fruit flavors and an infusion of the finest salt nicotine available, Juice Head Salts is definitely the brand leading the salt nicotine market. The flavors are fantastic, the vape juice is smooth, and the whole experience is beyond anything you've tasted. If you're searching for delicious vapes with salt nicotine, look no further than Juice Head Salts!

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