Purple Psilly Dots Mega Dose | 1200mg per Tab

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Brand: Purple

Introducing Purple's New Series: Psilly Dots Mega Dose

Experience the ultimate in mind enhancement with our new Psilly Dots Mega Dose. Each tab contains a potent 1200 mg of our proprietary mushroom and nootropic blend, crafted with natural binders and fillers for a pure, powerful experience.

Choose your journey:

  • 1 tab for Flow & Vibin': Perfect for enhancing your day-to-day rhythm and vibes.
  • 2 tabs for Euphoria & Introspection: Dive deep into a blissful state of self-discovery.
  • 3 tabs for Altered Perception: Transform your reality, exploring new dimensions of perception.

With six servings total in each package, the Psilly Dots Mega Dose offers a tailored experience for all levels of exploration. Embrace the power of Purple and redefine your cognitive boundaries!

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