Slapwoods All Natural Cigar Wraps | 5 per Pack

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Brand: Slapwoods

Slapwoods All Natural Cigar Wraps

Slapwoods understands that rolling your own cigar is a very personal thing. Some people enjoy the art of rolling, while others just enjoy the finished product, but we can all agree that time is money.

In today’s fast paced world, most smokers seek out ways to save time while still finding the same enjoyment of a hand rolled cigar. If saving time and convenience is what you seek, then look no further. Slapwoods is the perfect product for the modern smoker who desires the premium quality of a hand rolled cigar without the time and mess of the other alternatives. Slapwoods is made from only the finest quality and highest grade natural tobacco leaf. Our virgin cigar wraps have never been tainted by low grade filler tobaccos, and are all natural and always fresh for a perfect and consistent smoke every roll.

Slapwoods came from a personal experience. They saw a problem and created a solution. Before Slapwoods, rolling your own cigar was highly complicated, highly time consuming, and rather messy. Even after all that, the roll may or may not be suitable for a good smoke.

So they took all the hassle, and more importantly, all the time out of the rolling process.With Slapwoods, you get a premium natural tobacco virgin leaf wrap, perfectly rolled into an empty cone with an all natural corn husk tip. All you have to do is stuff it, light it, and enjoy the perfect smoke of a luxury cigar.

Available Flavors:

  • Honey Berry
  • Russian Cream
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