Twist Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice 30ml x 2

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Brand: Twist

Twist Nicotine Salt E-Liquid Vape Juice 30ml x 2

Twist salt nicotine comes in a two-pack of 30 ml bottles. The nicotine levels are offered in either 35 mg or 50 mg.

24 Available Flavors:
Mint 0° / Arctic Cool Mint - A sweet rush of menthol and mint.

Green No. 1 / Honeydew Melon Chew - Juicy honeydew melon flavors that will leave your mouth watering! The exhale is more of the same deliciousness and will leave such an incredible aftertaste for your taste buds to enjoy.

Pink 0° / Iced Pink Punch - This nic salt tastes identical to an ice cold glass of pink lemonade! The inhale is filled with sweet yet tart flavors of pink lemonade. The exhale is when the menthol flavor kicks in and gives you a nice cold breeze.

Pink No. 1 / Pink Punch Lemonade - Each hit of Pink Punch Lemonade will make you think that you’ve just taken of a sip of real pink lemonade. The inhale and exhale of this salt is filled to the brim with the juicy and fresh flavor of pink lemonade.

Red No. 1 / Watermelon Madness - The inhale and exhale of this premium salt nic is filled with juicy and sweet watermelon flavors that will make you feel like you’ve just taken a bite out of a fresh slice of watermelon!

Purple No. 1 / Berry Twist - Blueberry fruit extracts are mixed with lemon flavoring to produce a unique and memorable burst of flavor.

Purple Grape / Grape Berry Mix - Tart red grape and mixed berries.

Crimson No. 1 - Vine-ripe strawberry flavors are perfectly mixed with lemon extracts to create a dazzling e-liquid taste like no other.

Menthol No. 1 - Menthol flavors are balanced with mixed fruit extracts to produce a one of a kind e-liquid.

Tobacco Gold No. 1 - Medium-bodied tobacco flavor is mild yet complex and sweet to provide a satisfying taste.

Blend No. 1 - Your taste buds will get an amazing punch of flavor from the exotic tropical fruit extracts, which are blended to perfection.

Frosted Amber - A spot on sugar cookie that’s been topped with warm vanilla and a candy drizzle. Inhale for a strong sugar cookie flavor sensation that is topped off with a slight vanilla candy undertones.

Mint No.1 - A sweet mint and menthol blend formulated with nicotine salt that will incite a wintry chill on the taste buds.

Rainbow No.1 - A taste of this rainbow is a mash up of colorful fruit flavors with a burst of sour taffy at the finish.

Red 0° - Is a twin pack containing a mixture of nicotine salts blended with a menthol-infused watermelon e-juice.

Ruby Berry - The unique and exciting combination of tart pomegranate and fresh blueberries produce a purple berry mix like no other.

Sour Red - Mixing together the sugary sweet taste of watermelon with a tart and sour finish.

Space No.1 / Space Rocks - Embrace a mixture of strawberry and kiwi that is reminiscent of pop rocks and intergalactic travel.

Wild Red - A tasty melon base combined with a layer of zesty lemonade introduces you to an amazing world of taste you never would have thought possible.

White Grape - The white grape flavor profile is also indulged with wonderful citrus notes and topped off with a delectable sweet candied apple sensation.

White No.1 - A tropical white gummy candy that’s been pineapple infused with hints of sour sprinkled throughout

Yellow Peach - It is a refreshing mix of ripe peach slices and lemonade for a exhilarating summer blend.

Dragonthol - A nicotine salt blend featuring notes of sweet dragonfruit accented by a dazzling hit of refreshing menthol.

Iced Pucker Punch - A mouth-puckering nicotine salt creation, blending together luscious elements of tasty berries, a dash of citrus, exotic pineapples, and a medley of tropical fruits to keep the spirit uplifted.

Iced Watermelon Madness - A juicy, sweet watermelon confection that’s now irresistibly smooth with cool menthol hit. Everyone will want to gather around to taste the flavor of summer.

Pampaya - A nicotine salt blend incorporating papaya with delicious pomegranate that dazzles the taste buds.

Strawberry Crush Ice - An icy layer of menthol was added to the unbeatable flavor of our Strawberry Crush Lemonade to create a refreshingly cool nicotine salt with finely balanced flavors of vine-ripened strawberries and fresh-squeezed lemonade.

Purple Berry - The unique and exciting combination of fresh blueberries produce a purple berry mix like no other.

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