Vibes Ultra Thin Rolling Papers | 1 1/4 Size

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Brand: Vibes

Vibes Ultra Thin Rolling Papers | 1 1/4 Size

The Vibes Papers Box - 1.25” features 50 booklets of the Rice or Ultra Thin Vibes Rolling Papers. Each booklet has 50 papers, bringing your total to 2,500 rolling papers. Available in Rice or Ultra Thin papers.

  • Available in Hemp, Rice, Ultra Thin Papers and Organic Hemp
  • Standard 1.25" Length
  • Slow Burning
  • Cultivated and Crafter in France
  • Cut and Kitted In The Dominican Republic


The Vibes Ultra Thin Rolling Papers are just that: uber-thin. By using such thin paper you’ll experience more of your material’s smoke, as opposed to the “paper smoke” of other brands. Your sessions will be full of flavor.

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